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Epic Wakeboats :: The Boat of Choice for Kneeboard World

May 31, 2009

It's official, the Epic 23v has become the ultimate boat for Kneeboard World and is the ultimate boat for kneeboarders everywhere. Why, you ask?

For starters, it's big and roomy, has tons of storage and will fit kneeboards on BOTH sides of the engine. Let's not forget to mention the transom audio system along with the massive interior audio system. Then there's the 4,000 pounds of built in ballast to make wakes that might send you into the statosphere.

We've had our new Epic for a couple of weeks now and all we can say is WOW! When this boat is loaded down, it's like hitting double ups every time.

The Epic has a wake that is on the steep side. For kneeboarders, that's the ultimate wake. Without the use of our legs to give us added pop, we prefer a steep wake to launch us into the air. And with a wake that launches us straight up, one would expect a hard landing, straight down. Not so with the Epic. The landing zones are buttery soft, so you can survive to ride another day.

So how does the Epic 23v handle with so much weight? It only comes with one engine, the Mercruiser Horizon 8.1 liter big block. Along with the included 14 inch pitch prop and dual rudders, known as vector steering, this boat will just about pull the earth. We still can't get over how fast it planes out with so much ballast.

Another awesome feature of the Epic is the Mercruiser Smart Tow GPS based cruise control. All the driver needs to do is set the speed, set the launch (how quickly the rider wants to be pulled up), put the throttle all the way down, and let the boat do its thing. There's no finessing required or overshooting, like on other speed controls.

As the summer goes on, we'll continue to report on our Epic on the forum and will continue to take pictures and video. If you have any questions about our Epic, feel free to send us an e-mail at And if you're ever in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, contact us at the e-mail above for your own test ride behind the Epic 23v!

Visit the Epic Boats website by clicking here.

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