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Tige Creates New Quality Standards Department

Date: 7/12/07
Author: Tige Boats Press Release

ABILENE, TX – Tigé Boats, Inc. has created a new department charged with coordinating and maintaining Tigé quality assurance, customer service functions and product enhancement efforts.

The new Tigé Quality Standards department will consolidate the company’s quality control, lake test and customer service functions. The TQS Department will operate independently from Tigé manufacturing and sales departments, which represents a restructuring of Tigé operations and the company’s commitment to optimum product quality.

Terry Barrett has been appointed to head the new department as Director of TQS. Reporting directly to Tigé CEO Charlie Pigeon, Barrett and Tigé Quality Control Manager Ted Wagner will oversee quality assurance procedures, direct training of QC and Lake Test personnel and work directly with Product Development and Engineering to facilitate quality-related product design and improvements.

The new TQS department is part of the Tigé Quality Standards (TQS) program begun in 2006 when Tigé opened its new 130,000 square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Abilene. The program sets benchmarks for maintaining high product quality by focusing on three areas: 1.) innovative and quality-oriented manufacturing procedures; 2.) employee training, performance and recognition; and 3.) objective, pro-active quality control throughout the manufacturing and R&D process.

"Optimum product quality is the sole mission of the new TQS Department," explained Pigeon, "Before each boat is shipped, TQS will have complete authority to assure that it meets strict Tigé Quality Standards."

The TQS department will also work with Tigé manufacturing and product development/engineering departments to further improve manufacturing procedures, product design and components as they relate to overall product quality.

Before accepting the new position Barrett served as Tigé’s National Sales Manager, a job he held since May, 2005. Prior to that, Barrett operated Tigé Precision Boats in Mesa, Arizona, a successful Tigé dealership that he founded with his wife Betsy in 1996.

Ted Wagner joined Tigé as Quality Control Manager in April, 2007 after serving 25 years in the U.S. Air Force, where he piloted B-52 and B-1 aircraft and served as a B-1 flight instructor. He is a licensed aircraft mechanic and holds a masters degree in management.

"We have an exceptional team heading this department," Pigeon said.

"Terry’s prior experience as a dealer provides us with a well-rounded perspective regarding customer expectations for quality and functionality. Ted brings to Tigé a unique combination of leadership skills, training experience, mechanical knowledge and a sense of discipline that is essential to producing boats of a consistent, high quality."

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