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USA Keeps the Rider Cup Home

The results are in and the USA has once again defeated the U.K. at the 2006 Rider Cup, held at Lake Grew in Polk City, Florida. The event went down October 13-15, 2006. Congratulations goes to all of the riders for making the cut to represent their country in this prestigious event.

Here's the scores.

TEAM UK Slalom  3300
TEAM  UK Tricks  4154

TEAM USA Slalom 6723
TEAM USA Tricks  7817
TEAM USA        14,540

Individual International Champions
Slalom Visionary
1st - Frank Kimrey USA
2nd - Leah Ritchhart USA
3rd - Lyssa Rtichhart USA

Slalom Ripper
1st - Jared Bohlen USA
2nd - Shannon Craine UK
3rd - Rachel Clarke UK

Slalom Skyhanger
1st - Mark Ritchhart USA
2nd - Tom Walden UK
3rd - Mike Cameron USA

Tricks Visionary
1st - Kenny Stuart USA
2nd - Frank Kimrey USA
3rd  -  Raqchel Clarke UK

Tricks Ripper
1st. - Nick Sauls USA
2nd - Tom Walden UK
3rd - Ken Stuart USA

Freestyle Men
1st - Eric Voisin USA
2nd - Ken Stuart USA
3rd - Nick Sauls USA

Freestyle Women
1st - Leah Ritchhart USA

Flipout Men
1st - Mike Cameron USA
2nd - Mark Ritchhart USA
3rd - Dan Henning USA

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