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Surround yourself with Malibu design; customize your desktop with 1 of over 30 different Malibu wallpapers.

(Merced, CA)- Choose from over 30 different Malibu wallpaper options to liven up your computers desktop. Whether you’re a die hard skier or wakeboarder, Malibu has you covered.

Display your favorite Team Malibu Athlete on your desktop, choose from several autographed wallpapers from Drew Ross, Dallas Friday, Bret van den Heuvel, Brian Grubb and the men’s slalom world record holder Chris Parrish.

If eye candy is what you’re interested in, choose from any of the Malibu model wallpapers. These were created for “getting you through the day” after which you can leave your office chair and greet your boat for an afternoon run. Choose from a 2006 Sunscape 21LSV or the new Wakesetter 247LSV, Sunscape 247LSV and many others to customize your computers backdrop. Which one will you choose?

Be sure to check out the “Downloads” section of the Malibu Boats website for a variety of Wallpapers, Videos, and Media Gallery images. Click here for a direct page connection to the array of wallpaper options

Here at Malibu we’re always looking for customer insight, If you would like to submit a Malibu wallpaper design idea please do so by emailing Ellery Sanchez at

Since Malibu’s inception in 1982 President/CEO Robert Alkema’s mission has been very simple even if the evolution of design and engineering has become increasingly complex. “Build the best boat possible. Enjoy your workplace. Give Malibu owners the best value.” This is an oath and a standard that the people of Malibu Boats believe they are bound to uphold. They build the best boat and have fun doing it and that dedication bleeds over into everything that wears the Malibu brand.
For further information, please contact:
Amy Mauzy
(209) 383-7469
Ellery Sanchez
(209) 383-7469

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