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It's Time To Shape Up For The Season
It's that time of year again. Time to dust off the board, get the boat tuned up and stock up on sunscreen. So, before you go out and do something to your body that you might regret for weeks to follow, give some of the following exercises a try. Below, you'll find four very effective exercises that specifically target the muscles used by kneeboarders.

1. Cardio Workout

A good 30 minutes per day cardio workout is at the top of our list. Kneeboarding requires the rider to constantly pull on the rope all while maintaing balance. Because of this, a good cardio workout is crucial in order to have sufficiently long runs.

Our favorite cardio workout is jumping on a trampoline. Bouncing on one of these increases your heart rate substantially, thus, increasing your endurance. The trampoline works great for kneeboarders because you receive the added benefit of developing your balance.

If you don't have a big outdoor trampoline, go to your local fitness store and pick up a mini trampoline like the one Mitch is jumping on in the picture. Using a jump rope along with a trampoline will build up your endurance in very short order.




2. Knee Stretch

Stretching your knees early in the season will eliminate a lot of soreness later on. We've found the most effective way to stretch your knees is to pretend you're on a kneeboard. Otherwise, grab your kneeboard and kneel on it. Place yourself in the kneeling position for about twenty seconds at first. Do this at least three times a day and make sure you execute the stretching slowly to prevent pulled or cramped muscles. You may also lean back slowly for increased muscle stretching.






3. Back Stretches

Contrary to popular belief, the back is what takes the most abuse in kneeboarding (not the knees). The method that Mitch is using in this photo will stretch out your lower and middle back as well as your shoulders.

Start by crossing your legs. Bend the leg that's on top and straighten the one below. Now twist to the side that your straight leg is on. Using your front elbow, push against your knee on your bent leg and continue to twist your upper body in the opposite direction. Hold this for a count to ten and then repeat two more times for each side.



4. Pull Ups

Pull ups are probably the best strength building exercises you can do for kneeboarding. Not only does it build up your back muscles, it also resembles the pull you feel from the boat. So, use a 'palms away from you' grip (palms facing you are chin ups) and do as many as you can three times every other day. Don't get discouraged if you have trouble completing pull ups. Just stick to it, starting with as little as one or a half of one. Within a few weeks, you'll be doing a lot more.

If you don't have anything to do pull ups on, you can mount a closet rod in a door frame or hallway. Or go visit your local playground.



So there you have it. Four good exercises that will set you off on the right knee. Take your time and don't over exert yourself. If your muscles are quite sore from a previous workout, just do stretches and avoid any weight lifting, including pull ups. Muscle soreness after working out is usually from tiny tears that are created in the muscle tissue. Rest is required for new muscle to develop into the torn areas. That's how muscles grow. But, if you continue to exert your muscles without rest, the tissue will not have a chance to grow and you'll end up just burning out.

Now, get to it and let us know on the forum how your workout routine is going.

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