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Upper Midwest Northern Boarders Let's Ride Kneeboard Events

June 7, 2005

"It's a lot of work, but it's certainly worth it." That's what Chad Beery, President of the Northern Boarders Kneeboard Team, had to say about their upcoming Let's Ride Events. Chad developed a serious addiction to kneeboarding in 2001 and hasn't let up yet. "I've always been a 'jack of all trades' when it came to watersports, but a master of none," he says. "So, in 2001, I decided that I would put all other watersports aside and master kneeboarding, since it's always been my favorite."

Since then, Chad has excelled in the sport in many ways. He's been a state champion, a rider and design consultant for O'Brien International, the creator and President of and now the creator and President of Northern Boarders Kneeboard Team.

"Doris Rohner, the President of the Skionee Board Team in Florida, has been instrumental in helping to create the Northern Boarders team and the Let's Ride events. We couldn't do it without her," says Chad.

Doris had tried to talk Chad into forming a team several times in order to bring American Kneeboard Association events to the upper Midwest. Towards the end of 2004, Chad agreed and started contacting his friends to gather interest.

Four men comprise the core members of the team. They are Dan Henning, Kurt Schmelzer, Dan Kelsey and Chad Beery. The four of them have been hard at work to get all of the elements together to create a successful pair of events. The team has since added several more members and has scheduled several "practice" dates in which they get together to help develop their skills.

There are two Let's Ride events for the 2005 season: June 18-19 and August 13-14. Both events will be held at Keller Regional Park in Maplewood, Minnesota. "We expect a good turnout but are also limiting the registrations to ensure that all of the riders get ample instruction and ride time, " says Chad. "On Saturday, we'll host an on-and-off-the-water clinic to help all of the participants' progress in their kneeboarding ability. Then on Sunday, we'll have a fun tournament with lots of awards and prizes. A few members from the Skionee team will attend to help out including the Rohner family. Chuck Purdy, the founder of the AKA, will also show up to help."

The best part of it all is that anyone with a desire to kneeboard is welcome to attend the Let's Ride events. The team can train all skill levels from beginner to extreme. The cost per event is only $35 for the whole weekend and even less for current AKA members. That's quite a deal for such an event.

Chad adds, "We want everyone to come out to have a good time. Each rider will learn a lot and everyone will also get to see the extreme side of the sport. Several pro caliber riders will be on site to show off their talent as well as answer any questions and give tips."

For more information and registration forms, check out the Northern Boarders website at

Download a tri-fold flyer with the event and team information here.

If you'd like to contact Chad directly, you can e-mail him here.

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