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Shorten your line...knot free!

Would you like to shorten your line a few feet but there is no shortening loop there? Do you cringe at the thought of tying a shortening loop and then spending hours trying to get the knot out?

Well, cringe no more. Here's a method for tying off your line anywhere you'd like without leaving a knot.

Pinch the line together to make a loop where you want to tie off.








Pull the pinched line through the loop.













Now you have a shortening loop; however, this loop will slip out, so...






Twist the loop into a figure eight to create two loops.






Fold the end loop onto the other loop.







Now put this loop onto your tow point and pull it tight.












This loop will not slip out and when it's time to make an
adjustment, the loop will simply fall apart leaving no
knots behind.

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