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Do-it-yourself Gelcoat Repair

Not only are gelcoat cracks and chips aggravating, but they can also be expensive to repair. To achieve a perfect repair, you'll need to shell out the dough and have a professional do it. However, if you're short on cash or can't wait to have a professional do it, we've provided a step by step method of doing it yourself. With a little practice, you may be able to get a near perfect repair.

Disclaimer: By following the instructions outlined in this article you are accepting the consequences, and doing so at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any misfortune that may occur to you or your boat as a result of the steps outlined below.

This small chip is from a stone that was thrown from a car.






Begin by scraping away any loose gelcoat around the damaged area with a razor blade.






Then sand the area lightly with 400 grit sand paper.







Next, use acetone on a clean rag to eliminate any remaining dirt and dust. Use the acetone sparingly as it can also dissolve good gelcoat if left on too long. Also, do no blow dry the area with your breath since this will introduce moisture into the damaged area.




Prepare the gelcoat resin according to the manufacturers specifications. Use a toothpick or a small clean screwdriver to stir the gelcoat thoroughly.




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