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Compete in the INT League in your state.

The INT has the most kneeboarding tournaments of any organization in the United States. At virtually every INT tournament, there are competing kneeboard divisions. These divisions are based on ability level with the exception of age divisions for young children. This means that ANY person who can get up on a kneeboard and ride can compete – from a four year old child to the most skilled Outlaw rider. The state coordinator has the ability to bump any rider that is riding below their ability level (also known as sandbagging). Bumping to the next level is encouraged and rewarded.

The event is structured as a freestyle event. A course is laid out with entry and exit buoys. Between those buoys is your area to throw tricks. Each trick is worth a set point value. For example, waving to the judge is 20 points and a Layout is worth much more. You have one fall in the down and back pass. On your second fall, your turn is done.

The INT follows a tour concept. At each event you earn points depending upon the place you finish. All places are awarded points. The person from each state who has the most points for that division and competes in at least four tournaments goes to Nationals to compete for the National Title. In 2003 and 2004 the national competition was and will be in Bakersfield, California.

Kneeboarding is usually run concurrent with wakeboarding. The same boats are used. Little or no ballast is used in the Novice and Mini-Outlaw (7 and under) divisions. A moderate amount of ballast is used in the Intermediate division. The Advanced and Outlaw divisions are usually fully ballasted for the biggest wakes and the biggest air.

The INT is a non-profit organization with very few paid staff. It is run almost entirely through volunteers. Competitiors help run the event by assisting in judging, boat driving, set up, take down, and the other things that events like this require to be successful.

For more information, go to the INT website at You will be able to determine the competition schedule for your area. Their site also has the description of the divisions, rules, and how to join the INT to compete.

Author: Karl DeLooff

INT League Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an opportunity for people to test their skills in a fun non-intimidating environment. The INT League format is based on ability, providing a competitive setting for those at the same skill level. Although we do have some divisions based on age and gender, these divisions are to encourage participation.

Awards are given in all divisions, 1st - 3rd places. Everyone receives points for competing at each event. Points from individual events throughout your State or Region are accumulated in an effort to become the State Champion in each division, receiving an invitation to the INT League Championships.

By adopting a tour concept we have added an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm among adults and youths. In the process of introducing new people to competitive waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding, we are also educating people on boating and water safety, driving, judging, and other elements used in competitive water sports events.

Goals and Objectives
The primary goal of the tour is to encourage new and up and coming watersports athletes to experience and learn the perspectives of competition. All in a “fun” family oriented environment. The events are structured to make the competitor experience what it is like to compete in a series.

The secondary goal is to increase the public's awareness of the INT League, and waterskiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding. This in turn will increase the overall participation at each and every event. Each tour stop will offer an experience that has never been presented to them before. Included in this is the participation of watersports dealers and wholesalers that want to increase their audience base.
The objective is easy. Increase participation in the watersports business and provide quality competition for the athletes.

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