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Wake 360 Front

There are two ways to perform a wake 360 front: wrapped and hand-to-hand. The wrapped method is easier; however, the setup is more difficult and there is a danger of rope rash.

For both methods, you'll need a strong cut toward the wake. When you reach the lip, flatten the board out to acheive a better balance in the air. Resist the wake to get a good pop and throw the spin when you are completely in the air. If you cut to the right, you'll spin counter-clockwise. If you cut to the left, you'll spin clockwise.

Remember to always keep your head up and look at the horizon. If you look down, you'll go down.

Wrapped method: First perform the wrap directly behind the boat. Pull in hard to get a lot of slack in the rope. Immediately put the handle by your hip and as far behind you as possible. Reach around your back with the other hand and grab the handle. What is meant by 'wrapped' is that your arm is wrapped around your back and not the rope. Now you can let go with the hand that did the pulling in and grab the line in front of you. This hand will keep you from turning around before you want to.

Now, go make the jump. You can push off of the line with your free hand to help you spin but the boat will do most of the work. Once you come around, grab the handle with both hands and keep it low and at your waist.

You may want to practice the spin on the water before you do it in the air. Just be prepared for a hard pull from the boat when you come around.

Hand-to-hand method: Use a palms down grip. When you spin, concentrate on keeping the handle right at your waist the whole time. The closer in you keep it, the easier the spin will be. Again, remember to keep your head up and looking at the horizon. It's easier to reach behind yourself with a straight back than it is to reach behind yourself with an arched back.

What's next? The wake 360 back.


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