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Wake 180
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Switch 3



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Back Somersault
Front somersault


Roadkill is what you may feel like trying this trick for the first couple of times. It's basically an invert to revert but it's anything but basic.

Begin with a hard cut at the wake. When you reach the trough just before the wake, spin around 180 degrees and tuck the handle into your hip. Turn clockwise if you're cutting to the left and turn counter-clockwise if you're cutting to the right. Ride up the wake while resisting it.

After you launch from the wake, and not before, throw your head down at your outside knee. When you are upside down, bring the handle to the front of you but keep it at your waist. Also, at this point, you are basically doing a regular backroll. So, remember to straighten your back up and don't be bent over at the waist.

As you begin to come around to the upright position again, let go of your outside hand and pull the handle to your inside hip. This motion will spin you around. The motions need to be very precise and quick. Once you land, use the second bounce to bring yourself to the front position.

I come out of my board when I hit the wake. You're throwing the trick too soon. You need to wait another second until you're in the air.

I can't get enough rotation. Either you need to get higher with a bigger jump or you're letting your arms out.

I can't get the full revert and land sideways. Make sure you let go with one hand.


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